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The Story of the Thief and the Saint

Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s elder son, and full Khalifah on Golden Chain, Shaykh Muhammad Adil, also affectionately known as Shaykh Mehmet, tells this fascinating tale, to explain the amazing attributes of the Friends of Allah.

With his easy and humorous story-telling style, Shaykh Mehmet beautifully illustrates the difference between Shariah and Tariqah, Scholars and Saints, Knowledge and Wisdom. A Gem of a Tale indeed! Continue reading

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A Tale of two Drops of Water

Maulana outlines the two distinct journeys taken by two drops of water, one heading for the eternal sweetness of life in a fruit, and the other ending abysmally in the salty sea of tears of regret.

It is a stunningly deep discourse, do reflect deeply upon it. Continue reading

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The only Way Up, is to head Down

Despite being a weak creation, Man believes he is powerful because of the technology, knowledge, army and resources he possesses.
Shaitan is always pushing Man to follow in his cursed footsteps – that is to claim superiority and to look down on others, just as shaitan did to Adam (as).
Tariqah on the other hand, teaches Man the opposite – to become nameless, forgotten and humble ones, just as Maryam (as) prayed in the Quran. In the words of Maulana, “Tariqah trains you, to accept to be Nothing.”
It is so sad that today that, even those within Tariqah, have forgotten this ultimate aim in their journey, and many of them are busy looking down and condemning other Muslims spitefully; they feel superior to their fellow seekers who are on the same journey and so many mureeds are at loggerheads with other mureeds. This has bred a disease of Shaykdom – everyone wants to be a Shaykh, every wants to be noticed, everyone wants to hog the limelight – but no one wants to be the humble mureed, the unknown servant or the forgotten follower. The journey to Sainthood is the latter, but so few tread that path today. Continue reading

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Intriguing interview with Maulana: 12th December 2010

This fourteen question interview brought forth candid answers, frank replies and deep insights into a human being’s journey to His Lord. As usual, Maulana did not disappoint, dishing out such a width of knowledge and wisdom, in his succinct, yet simple, replies. For example, he summarised a mureed’s journey in one priceless sentence, and he highlighted the plight of women in today’s cruel world, where women are abused, exploited and traded like cattle. A must-read for every mureed! Continue reading

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